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Hijama: What You Need To Know?

Wet Cupping, aka Hijama, has been around for thousands of years all over the world. Earliest proof show Hijama being practiced in China, Egypt, Southern Asia, and parts of the Middle East around 1500 BC. For first timers, cupping in general is not old. Although medical professionals see Hijama as pseudoscience, it has gained popularity for those who are athletic who are in need to take care of back muscles. Others, namely Muslims, see it for religious reasons. People are buying Hijama as a solid type of therapy that can only help out.

Hijama helps the body to dump the bad pathogens by drawing out blood around the questionable area. There has been proof of pathological variances in healthy blood in the veins and right under the skin. Hijama makes the body increase the blood circulation and raises the immune system to force the body to heal itself with its natural nutrients. It is a natural way to control chronic pain and treat for many illnesses. Other conditions that Hijama and other cupping practices care for include blood pressure, paralysis, and rheumatic diseases.

Hijama includes getting rid of any sitting blood with its toxins, which is why cups could be filled the bad blood. The glass cups put in place are taken off after a few minutes. Tiny scratches are given to the area on the back to open the skin and allow the blood to come out on its own… In wet and dry cupping, a flammable substance like alcohol or herbs will be put on your back and set on fire for a moment. The fire goes out and the cups are stuck in upside down on the skin. The air in the cup cools and forms a vacuum that raises the skin and expand the blood vessels.

In a few days after, the redness and obvious cup marks will go away. The size of the cup and the amount of color shows the amount of buildup that has been collected. Wet cupping contributes in improving fertility and hormonal balance, as well as treating a sense of equality for our entire skeletal, neurological, immune, and digestive issues. Beauty wise, it can help get rid of acne and nasty pathogens inside for a smoother, clean look.

Our lifestyle is important in looking at the risk for diseases. A mix of a healthy diet, exercise, and regular Hijama can prevent the continuance of various illnesses as they get older. It remains a popular treatment, almost like from a spa, that helps get people feeling a lot better when the bad blood is cleansed from their body.

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